an excerpt from ‘Mother of a Machine Gun’ by Michael J Seidlinger is up at Similar Peaks, check it out

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if it’s possible to help

and still do nothing

why read the news

throw away

memories and associations

not soft enough

to hold on to when we can’t sleep

but maybe i am

people care about the person you are with

tell yourself that and you will care about

the person you are with


until it doesn’t matter nothing’s changed

but we aren’t the same

22nd century lit published my poem ! u should read this and all the pretty poems they’ve been sharing <3


On Sunday, August 17, May-Lan Tan & I will be the Artists in Residence at Ace Hotel New York as part of Tumblr’s residency guest curation. May-Lan & I are collaborating on a durational performance in one of the hotel rooms. Documentation will be featured on the Marina Abramovic Institute’s Immaterial.


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plus a brief guide to flarf poetry


dang. like last november i interviewed the \m/ichael j seidlinger for similar:peaks::  it was at least very interesting for me to chat with him about writing, sleeping, drinking, boxing, and more. if nothing else it was worth posting as a reminder to read again for myself - db

Anonymous: if you cd c urself with 1 person until ur gray and old fogie and cant help but fart becase ur butt dosnt clinch good nemore how do u imagine that person

probably dead if im the one to get there hehe up until then i just want someone to read me poetry

toothandnailpoetry: I read your chapbook tonight. It's really, really good. Just dropping by to tell you that.

thank you thank you <333