i made visuals that were responded to in prose by a writer, all for a project from the imagination of lucy k shaw 
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Indulgence of pretend perhaps prelates to origin of pain in pineal pupil. For no way could She of HE know that such abound around and ride a merry-go-round. Total exasperation and riddle of mind that ended up minding myself and surely everyone else has as well. Snaps the rubber band, yet this ball already bounces.

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Soft Smokes (2008) By Kate Jenkins

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anyway we can be together


Be About It poetry karaoke #1
hi! i am usually too shy for karaoke but this is a fun idea and im excited to participate:)

this is Onward the Indian by Devendra Banhart read by Catch Business

downtown berkeley is no place to be on a saturday so i parked near your work and walked there. yes, i wanted to see you but i didn’t because you’re busy that’s what you tell me at the end of the day when you can’t ignore me anymore. why am i enough at sunset but not at noon? you turned the read receipts off so i don’t know if you’ve seen me squirm. i am waiting for your response while i am laying on the floor, the vibration from my phone is the only earthquake that might shake me. you haven’t shook me or held me for the past month and i’ve read my horoscopes, i know everything will repose on wednesday and i’ve read your horoscopes, i know you want to share your plan but haven’t made one yet.

so i took a short walk by myself and i was smiling with sunglasses on with makeup on underneath (i want attention) until i sat down at the counter where a man with a red beard asked me what’s wrong. i handed him my computer. when he said goodbye he called me by the name on my card. i didn’t have the time until he turned my phone on for me. two weeks without the keypad and the tones sounded different. next, i stepped into a print shop and sroted through the stained collection of aquaman comics and found the wedding, birth, and so-called-death.

after getting mine, i picked out two full sets for you. in my arms, i thought you would replace them. the secured stories propelled conversation about female superheroes and i saw the way you smiled before you felt the guilt ballooning out of your throat and onto my bookshelf where you left the book she gave you, and now you’re telling me it was her, and you know this because you  were with her, and you lied to me about it as well as all the other nights i spent defining my defenses. please don’t ask me to bend the barrier now.


lol this old poster poem i made :) from my archive of poster poems

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A Very Static Person. Unmoving. Standing Still. Staring Completely to the Past. 

Over heard conversation.
Drawn while looking out of a window on the 4th floor of the Ponti Building at the Denver Art Museum. 

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a poem of mine is featured in the april issue of the bohemyth:)

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